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Highlighted in: Gene Tweaking Boosts Spliceostatin Synthesis (2016) C&E News 94:21.

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Highlighted in: Chemists Stabilize Spliceostatins (2014) C&E News 92: 34.

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Highlighted in: Fluorinase success. Biosynthesis: In a chemical first, an engineered microbe yields a bioactive fluorinated compound (2010) C&E News 88: 7.

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Highlights of this paper include:

A key enzyme to the potency of an anticancer agent (2008) ALSNews 287.

Special Delivery (2007) Nature 450, 925.

Novel Biochlorination (2007) C&E News 85, 25.

Researchers Uncover Key Trigger for Potent Cancer-Fighting Marine Product UCSD News.

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