Upcoming! Stay Tuned: 
– Alessandra will give a talk at the 6th Brazilian Conference on Natural Products (November 5-8, 2017).
– Alessandra and Jana will attend ASP (Portland) conference in July 2017. Jana will be presenting a poster at the conference.

June, 2017:
– Alessandra is selected as a recipient of the 2017 KL2 CATS Scholars Award. Congratulations Alessandra!
– Benoît successfully defends his Master’s Thesis. Congratulations Benoît!

May, 2017:
– Jana receives ASP Travel Grant award. Congratulations Jana!
– Maryam receives the Chancellor’s Student Service Award. Congratulations Maryam!
– Alessandra delivers oral presentation on MBRB research day. Maryam and Sylvia present poster on MBRB research day.

April, 2017: 
– Maryam presents at the MIKI Medicinal Chemistry meeting in Minnesota.
– Benoît joins our lab as intern from France. Welcome Benoît!
– Sylvia receives Graduate Student Council Travel Award to Perlman Symposium. Congratulations Sylvia!

March, 2017: Alessandra goes to Japan to present at the 2nd US-Japan Seminar on the Biosynthesis of Natural Products for Young Researchers and give a lecture tour (Kuzuyama, Eguchi, Kudo and Omura groups).






Sylvia presents at Perlman Symposium at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

February, 2017:
Maryam and Sylvia present at COP’s Research Day.

January, 2017: The Kyles (Kyle M. and Kyle M.) start their graduate student rotations in our lab.

November, 2016: Dayeon presents her capstone poster at the Honors College Research Symposium. Congratulations Dayeon!





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Sylvia and Maryam’s image (above) – “Drug Discovery through Yeast Binoculars” – wins second prize in the COP Images of Science competition. Congratulations!






August, 2016: Jennifer presents at COP’s Summer Research symposium and wins the best SURF poster award.

June, 2016: Jennifer joins the lab as a SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow).





May, 2016: Dayeon receives an Honors Council Award. Congratulations to Dayeon! Sylvia and Maryam officially join the lab.

April, 2016: Sylvia and Maryam present at the MIKI Medicinal Chemistry meeting in Iowa.


March, 2016: Dayeon receives an Honors College Research grant for her work on fluorometabolites. Congratulations to Dayeon!







The Boss _ Award

February, 2016: Alessandra receives a Hans W. Vahlteich Scholar Award. Congratulations Alessandra!
Maryam and Sylvia present at COP’s Research Day.









February, 2016: Jana joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome Jana!

January, 2016: Chase, Maryam and Sylvia start their graduate student rotations in our lab. Nyemade joins the lab as a MS student. Dayeon joins the lab to carry out her Honors College Capstone project.






September, 2015: Sohee helps set up the lab.









August 16, 2015: The Eustaquio Lab opens its doors at UIC.

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